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Warbases Wednesday #25 - in the pipeline.

Well when I offered to blog regularly for Martin and Diane, for me it was a bit of an unknown quantity. I knew that I had a regular readership and that it should be a good vehicle for revealing the latest news and developments for their business. I have watched its readership grow as the journey has continued and can hardly believe that I have 25 issues under my belt. Also judging by the statistics it is a popular feature on my blog so hopefully it will continue to work for the benefit of us all. Allowing me to retain the ability to publish this well into the future.

I am always pleased to read the comments that you all take the time to leave, and I know that both Martin and Diane take note of every comment you all leave, and take a lot from that, as I speak to them regularly to gain updates and keep ahead of the developments.

So the main focus of the post this week is to let you all know of a few projects I am working on at present that will feature in the Warbases Web store in due course.

Now I can hear you all saying well that does not look to be much but let me explain. Starting with the back product on the right that is the beginnings of a haystack and I am making 10 of these, 5 for 28mm scale and 5 for 15mm scale these will be added to the resin scenics ranges in the later part of the year. In the foreground the strip of MDF is being transformed into a master for pavement sections in 28mm scale to complement the roads that will be released shortly. I hope to have the first bits of resin from the road masters in a couple of weeks so I can paint them up to match the bases released earlier this year.

Kevin is busy sculpting some items for the stagecoach which will turn this item into a great piece too own as there will be a choice of horse and crew, not to mention luggage etc to compliment it all.

We have a lot more planned for the future so keep watching this space.


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